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Your Guide to a Cleaner World from The Germ Girl

We’re thinking about germs more than ever before! If you didn’t know a clean freak before the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are you do now. With infection prevention suddenly top-of-mind for so many, Tricia Holderman has written the definitive reference book on germs and how to rid them from your home, car, office, arena, or event space. 

Known as The Germ Girl, Tricia Holderman is the CEO of Elite Facility Systems, and holds a certificate of mastery in infection prevention. After 40+ years of hands-on experience and self-guided study, Tricia reveals everything she’s learned about germs including:

  • The various kinds of germs
  • What clean really means and how to achieve it
  • Different varieties of cleaners and disinfectants
  • The tools you need to maintain a cleanly environment
  • How to approach housecleaning
  • Staying clean while navigating the outside world
  • Maintaining health cleanliness standards while traveling
  • Surviving the hospital
  • And much more!

In an easy-to-read style, Tricia’s expertise shines with comforting clarity. A steady guide through a world new to many, Germinator! cuts through misinformation by providing simple solutions for surviving a germ-filled world.

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