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Boasting a career spanning over 40 years, Tricia Holderman has worked in infection prevention at every level of her industry since she was 17. The CEO of her own company Elite Facility Systems before 30 and a member of the Procter and Gamble advisory board by 35, Tricia’s expertise is second to none. She’s worked with major hospital systems, NFL and NBA teams and arenas, and countless large and small businesses, including the Elite Home Services of luxury homes across the country. 

With a hands-on approach and a diverse team of experts, Tricia can help your facility implement the necessary processes and protocols to achieve the disease mitigation outcomes you want. Offering advisory, consulting, and speaking engagements to workplaces, arenas, stadiums, concert venues, and more, Tricia’s infection prevention services are what you need to keep your people healthy and safe while keeping the doors open and gaining an edge on your competition.

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